DemonChat Update

Scroll Magic

26 June 2020

We have released our first round of fixes and enhancements! The biggest change in this release is an improvement to the scrolling feature. We noticed that when there are 50+ people in a chat, the conversation is often scrolling by so quickly that people have a difficult time keeping up. To make sure they don’t miss anything, people will often scroll up to see what they missed… and a bug was making them jump all the way down to the newest message whenever anyone wrote a new message. Annoying!

To make it easier for people to review what they’ve missed, we just added a feature so that when you scroll up it automatically notices that you want to keep looking back at the history. It won’t automatically show you new messages any more, but it does give you a “view new messages” button. You can hit that button when you are done looking over old messages and it will snap you to the bottom to show you the newest messages, and will resume the normal behavior of automatically scrolling as people keep chatting in the room.

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