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DemonChat is an embeddable chat system that transforms any website into an interactive community. With DemonChat you can:

  • Host virtual meetings and social events on the website for your club, team, or volunteer organization.
  • Have a “watch party” by adding chat next to your streaming video.
  • Hold “virtual office hours” for your students or clients right directly on the website for your online course or consulting business.

DemonChat is fast, lightweight, and easy to add to your website. It integrates with your existing login and authentication system, so people will not need to log in separately to use DemonChat. Our chat rooms have an elegant default look-and-feel, but they also respond to the CSS styles on your website so you can customize it however you wish.

One more thing…

We are passionate about creating safe online spaces where people can engage with each other without harassment, trolling or hate. That is the motivation behind our global Terms of Use: the code of conduct that applies to every DemonChat chat room, no matter who is running it or what website it is on. We have a very explicit moderation process (to be published), so you can be certain that when you support DemonChat you are not supporting abuse or harassment on any platform.

If you have any questions or are having problems using DemonChat, please check out Our FAQ. If you can’t find an answer to your question there, please send us an email at